Sylver’s Hunter Notes: A New Palico Gadget and the Grimalkyne Protector Quest in Wildspire Waste

Did you know that your Palico can actually talk to other monsters and get them to fight with you?

Yep; not fight you, but with you. If you’ve been to Wildspire Waste on an Expedition mode and collected all the Doodle marks on the map, then you’re on the right track of triggering a quest from those cute creatures. If you follow the scoutflies, it will lead you to Area 15.  There’s a very small opening on a landmass in the upper part of that area. Make the jump and you’ll land on a bonepile. The passageway may also lead you near Diablos’ lair. Your handler will also inform you that the area is a good spot to set up a new camp. You’ll find another small opening near a Brightmoss where you’ll have to do a short crawl on your way in to meet a Grimalkyne.

The Grimalkynes are also cute cat-like creatures, but they’re not like your Palicoes. The Grimalkynes have run away from a large monster in Wildspire Waste and will ask for your help to look for other Protectors that have gone into hiding.

Hint: If you have found the area by accident and didn’t see any black-and-white Grimalkyne in the cave, then that means you haven’t collected enough cat Doodle marks around the map.

After you have collected ample Doodle marks, they will recognize you as someone capable of helping them out. Not that they’ll ask you directly. Your Palico companion will do all the adorable negotiation for you. All you’ll see are two creatures talking excitedly in “NYA NYA NYA” and the translation provided for you will be enclosed in parenthesis marks.

On your map, there will be a new map icon available–that of the Protectors. There will be three Protector icons on different areas of the map. All you have to do is to go each spot, sneak up on the kittehs, and use the Capture Net on them. After you’re finished, go back to the quest giver and you’ll be able to unlock a new Palico gadget and the Protector ability.

How useful is this Wildspire Waste quest?

When you’re questing alone with your Palico, you can look for the Protectors on the map to join with you—much like finding a Palico from other Hunters who have given you their Guild Cards.

As for the Palico gadget, I’ve received the Shieldspire gadget. Since I use a Bow weapon, I found this especially useful since my Palico, Spoon, can now act as my tank while I distance myself from the monster. Currently, my Shieldspire gadget proficiency has finally reached Level 10 and I can now use Shieldspire Taunt and Shieldspire Bash.

After unlocking this quest, my Palico is also now able to talk to monsters and have them fight with me. On one quest, while hunting down Anjanath in Ancient Forest, Spoon convinced a Kestodon male to work with him! It was pretty awesome!

Apparently, you’ll be able to unlock different Palico gadgets and meet other Grimalkynes from other map expeditions. I’ll be unlocking the ones on Ancient Forest tonight (if I’m feeling better), then maybe I’ll also go doodle mark hunting as well on Coral Highlands and Rotten Vale.

Have you finished these quests already? Which Palico gadget do you always use?

Happy hunting, everyone! 😀


Welcome to KarrotKayk Adventures

“Once upon a time, there was a little carrot who wanted to be extraordinary. The little carrot had big dreams–to be a princess, a warrior, a magician, a spy, a mech operator, a game developer, a reincarnated cultivator, a business tycoon, an outstanding chef… and so much more.

One day, little carrot’s parents gave her precious gifts that allowed her to become whatever she wants, explore fantastic places whenever she desires, and experience things that are out of this world.

Years passed, and the little carrot grew up and met with other interesting characters that helped her turn into what she is today–an odd concoction of something that’s sometimes sweet and a little bit nutty.”

Hi, everyone! Thanks for dropping by my site. I’m Karrotkayk and I’d be delighted to share with you some of the stories or games that I’ve read or played over the years.

I’ve been a voracious reader and a casual gamer since I was young. These two hobbies made it possible for me to immerse in different characters and be part of different worlds.

Growing up pre-Internet era, it’s been hard to find people who share the same hobbies that I have. It’s even harder to meet people who have a particular interest in a certain genre under that hobby. But the information age changed all that. I’ve always been eager to fangirl with other people who share the same interest as I do.

I’ll be posting reviews or impressions about some book or web stories that I’ve stumbled, as well as updates on my status with some of the games that I’ve been playing. I’ll welcome any help, recommendations, or insights you can share with me! 😀

Currently, I’m leaving my digital footprints as “KarrotKayk” or “Karrot Kayk” by commenting on some web translations websites. I can pretty much read stories in different genres–romance, sci-fi, action, xianxia, comedy… but I, unfortunately, can’t read too much horror. I get really awful nightmares that would take months to shake off >_<

If you’re also playing on the PS4, you can join me for an online session on Monster Hunter World. I’m also KarrotKayk in there, and my still low-rank hunter is called Sylver.

So, what kind of books or webnovels do you read? If you were to recommend only one webnovel to me, what would it be (regardless of genre)?

And if you’re a gamer, what’s the most recent game that you’ve played for at least 100 hours? Mine would be Sid Meier’s Civilization VI on Steam and iPad Pro. That game ate up a month of my life already >_<